Mar 192015
  • It’s another perfect square Thursday miscellanea! They get fewer and farther between, of course. That’s their nature. (Actually they increment by odd integers, and I’m embarrassed at how old I was before I noticed that.) If I make it to 80 and never stop doing Thursday miscellanea posts, my final one will be something like #2,055. That would make the highest perfect square Thursday miscellanea #2,025.
  • I’m enjoying that it’s warmer too, but let’s not float away on it, please. It’s still far more likely than not to freeze again.
  • Started watching Luther on Netflix. My friend Nancy is a fan and has been goading me to watch it forever. I’m enjoying it so far. There are only 14 episodes in the whole thing, in case you’d like to explore binge-watching but are afraid of long-term commitment.
  • Scott made what he called his hottest chili yet yesterday for Wicked Wednesday at Anaheim Chili. But, I have more than two weeks to go before I can have red meat. Solution? Buy a quart and freeze it. Looking forward to it on Easter Sunday. Sure wanted to lick the spoon when I was putting it up, but I resisted!
  • Nate’s Lumia 635 is going in for a second time for a non-functional power key. He’s only had it back about two weeks from the first time around. There is no physical damage, no foreign substance, nothing. The button just stops working. I may ask for a replacement if it happens again.
  • Do you know about YouNow? It’s like YouTube, but live. I watched/listened to our church’s music man extraordinaire Brent Morgan do his thing on there earlier this week. Trying to think about what I might do with it.
  • Saintseester has assigned me the category Young Adult for our next Alabamians Can Read selection. Any thoughts?

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  1. I enjoyed We Were Liars, which fits in that category. Though ymmv, the women tended to find in very relatable while some of the men thought it missed the mark. (Perhaps because they were never teenage girls?)

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