Jan 282015

Remember when our esteemed president released five senior Taliban leaders in exchange for one soldier (who almost certainly deserted) and the promise that the released Taliban would behave themselves? Remember that he did so unilaterally, ignoring a law requiring him to give Congress 30 days’ notice before releasing anyone from Guantanamo?

Remember the released POW’s father actively campaigning for more Guantanamo releases? Remember the released POW’s father praising Allah in Arabic in the Rose Garden, with a nod and a smile from The One?

Remember that at least six American soldiers were killed in battle while looking for Bowe Bergdahl? Did their parents get invited to the White House? Do you think Obama even knows their names?

It sounds very much as if the U.S. Army intends to formally charge Bowe Bergdahl with desertion. And the White House is exerting tremendous pressure to keep that from happening, so that whatever feel-good narrative it has deluded itself into believing is preserved. Anything in this hey-wait-a-minute story sound potentially coerced to you?

Of course, even if closed-door strong-arming fails, the president can still get his way on this by pardoning Bergdahl. I would love to see him forced into having to make that choice.

It is 650 days to Election Day, 2016.

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  5 Responses to “White House strong-arming trying to prevent #Bergdahl desertion charge?”

  1. Thoughts on who you want to run in 2016?

    • Right this second my dream ticket would be Scott Walker-Carly Fiorina. I also like Bobby Jindal, John Bolton, and Bob Ehrlich. I don’t trust Christie. Cruz and Paul say good things for the most part, but I think they’ll be too easily marginalized. Nominating Jeb Bush or Romney would be suicide. What about you? Any opinion so far?

  2. Jindal has WAAAAAY too much crazy baggage. It flies okay in Louisiana, but won’t nationwide.

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