Jan 012015

That’s as complicated as my New Year’s resolution is this year.

I’m going to set the cruise at 72 instead of 77 on the interstate.

I’m going to stop looking at my finances through a lens of “if I’d only done x ten years ago…”

I’m going to concentrate on a generally good dietary and activity path, and let an occasional lapse go without a second thought.

I’m going to sit on more email and voice mail overnight before responding.

I’m going to pray to see and act on God’s will more, and not for what I think I want.

I’m going to take due credit for small victories working around the house, rather than consider the enormity of everything I didn’t do today.

I’m going to stop picking at my wife trivially when she doesn’t respond exactly like I think she should have.

” ” ” ” ” ” ” kids ” ” they don’t ” ” ” ” ” they ” “.

I’m going to consider our country’s direction more in the context of the serenity prayer than I have been.

I’m going to read more. I’m going to watch Netflix less.

I’m going to give myself a break.

I’m going to relax.

Happy 2015, BoWilliams.com readers. Thank you for reading.

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  3 Responses to “Relax”

  1. I am wondering how much I will keep walking with the Fitbit now that it no longer matters. I converted to full-time work to get better health insurance than what Jeff’s company was offering, so that point system is now moot.

    Speaking of the point system, they cancelled our account before we were able to cash in all our points. We were supposed to have access until Dec. 31, and it went away Dec. 12. Pretty irked about that.

    • Well, “gleeful hostility” isn’t a very good strategy for employee relations.

      • Yeah, I heard that Q and A session didn’t go very well. I’m a little leery of the repeated, “We decided to keep health insurance for our employees” because that insinuates that once the costs rise enough, it will be dropped.

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