Dec 262014

Went to the bank. Went to the beer store. That’ll about do it for the day, I think.

I am epically lazy immediately after Christmas. I mean, I’m lazy even for a lazy guy. I think of it as a deep discharge, such as you do for an aging rechargeable battery to restore its capacity. (That’s a good example of what my longtime friend Dave calls an UCRA: U Can Rationalize Anything. Glossary updated.)

A nice bonus is that, while I’ve still given a little progress away that I have to get back, I’m actually managing my weight well in the face of many temptations. (Sheesh, are there always this many nuts around at Christmastime? I mean food, not people?)

destinyI got the Xbox One updated and deployed before the DDOS shenanigans ensued (and good thing, because it downloaded most of a gigabyte before I ever even saw the Home screen). So the boys have been playing Destiny. I still queued several large downloads that seem like they’ve taken longer than they should, but I imagine part of that is Christmas load and couldn’t be reasonably avoided. They’ll finish this afternoon.

(And I’m on deck for a Destiny turn. Looks awesome. I’m looking forward to it.)

bloodwakeThere are obviously a lot of things I still want the Xbox 360 for, so that’s still installed. There are even a few things I want the original Xbox for (mostly Blood Wake, which I still love), so that is too. All three Microsoft console generations are ready to go! I think about that 14-year-old hard drive inside the original Xbox and realize its days are limited, but it’ll be enjoyed all the way out.

(And hey, somebody reboot Blood Wake already, will ya?)

Hope this December 26 finds you similarly, pleasantly disengaged.

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