Oct 162014
  • With the passage of a little time, I’m appreciating Alabama’s defensive performance last weekend more. And we should have an easier time moving the ball this week. If we can avoid the unfathomably bad punt handling, I think Saturday may look better.
  • I made stuffed shells last night that were just okay. I dislike putting in lots of culinary labor that then yields a B- or C+. I’m anxious to try again soon with corrective actions.
  • It rained more than six inches while we were at the beach, according to the rain gauge. We were fortunate not to get any damage, considering what occurred all around us.
  • Aaron seems to have a normally-progressing cold, and not anything more ominous. Most of the time when he has a cough it’s rather croupy-sounding, so it sets us on edge initially even when it’s of no particular concern. (The feeling was a bit amplified with Enterovirus 68 about.)
  • Good for the Royals. Twenty-nine years is a long time.
  • It seems Wonder Woman will finally get her own film in 2017. It also seems DC is ramping up to try to slow the Marvel juggernaut. Good luck. Marvel movies are scheduled through roughly 2075.
  • Nothing but glorious fall temperatures and clear skies in the forecast. Fall makes me happy.

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