Oct 092014
  • All right, that’s enough Indian summer. Back to fall, please. Thank you.
  • Escalator 1, Nathan 0. He got 17 stitches in his right knee yesterday. Oh, and he was in Atlanta, and we weren’t, so he scored his first ambulance ride and first ER visit. Good times. Heartfelt thanks to his teacher and principal’s wife for shepherding his care. On the positive side, he’s going to have some really cool scars that look like a badger attack or something.
  • Generally I don’t have much use for what the rest of the country has to say about Alabama football, but I think Fran Tarkenton is mostly right about AJ McCarron. He was a little inflammatory, but he’s right that AJ needs to keep his mouth shut when he’s invited to pontificate. Recognize when you’re being baited, man. Say something complimentary and move on.
  • I just made a phone call and, for the first time, remembered dialing only seven digits as a quaint custom from the past. I just asked Nate if he’s ever used a rotary phone. “You mean with the wheel thing on it?” “Yes.” “No.” Wow. I bet most places you can’t use one even if you want to. Any telco infrastructure that’s at all recent wouldn’t support pulse dialing.
  • Speaking of phones, I wish it were easier to shop for mobile service. Hiding cost in complexity seems to be the only guiding principle of any of these providers. I feel sorry for people who don’t realize they have to root all of this stuff out to the degree they do.
  • Canada Dry sparkling seltzer water, lemon-lime flavor, is a good product. I like it much more than LaCroix, and it’s much cheaper than Zevia.
  • An inductive case for Adrian Peterson simply being mentally defective is strengthening.

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  1. Poor Nathan!

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