Sep 182014
  • My friend Amanda, aka The Dining Dragon, has extensively redesigned her site and begun its second life as Huntsville Eats. Go check it out.
  • I thought it was kind of cool that the new U2 album was free to iTunes users, but then I learned that you just got it, man. There was no opt-in. That’s creepy.
  • I looked for a showtime for the Sin City sequel, thinking there might be a long lunch in my near future. Guess what? It’s not playing anywhere near here, and has totally tanked at the box office. I guess a bright spot is that I may have the Blu-ray sooner.
  • Next month will introduce a “kids edition” of its Fire HD tablet. It comes with a 2-year, no-questions-asked replacement warranty. Am I overly cynical to believe that a goodly number of these will find their way to construction sites?
  • Well, life without artificial sweeteners is interesting. I’m down to either unsweetened tea or water in a restaurant. I’m using a quart of lemon juice a week at home adding it to water.
  • Alabama and Auburn both have games this week that should provide a little more clarity. I think Auburn underestimates Kansas State tonight at its peril. And Alabama? They’re 3-0 against mostly air, and Florida is stumbling into Bryant-Denny after needing all it had to beat Kentucky in overtime at the Swamp. Sounds like a classic trap scenario to me.
  • It’s officially football weather. Only just, but it’s here.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Bo! : D

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