Aug 212014
  • Problem: Second-generation Honda Odyssey EX air conditioner front fan won’t work; rear fan blows warm air. Likely solution: replace transistor assembly, Honda part #79330-S84-A41, under the dash in the passenger footwell. Three screws out with a stubby Phillips; unplug wiring harness; replug wiring harness into new part; three screws in. Done. (Tip: Remove the screw that is closest to the center of the vehicle last and replace it first.) Tight quarters for a fat guy, but I managed it. Retelling the story here to increase its search engine footprint. Don’t pay the dealership to fix this, folks.
  • August finally arrived. Borderline oppressive (that is to say, seasonal) heat and humidity are forecast for at least another week.
  • Two people, within 20 minutes of each other, laid the ice bucket challenge at my feet yesterday morning. The first was my pastor. By the time I saw his email, he’d already sent a second one informing me that I’d be doing it with him and two other church members immediately following second service this Sunday. At least it’s going to be hot! I was going to buzz my head this weekend. Think I’ll wait until after this.
  • WOW! has come through with the SEC Network with almost two weeks to spare. Good for them. It probably saved their entire business model in the state of Alabama. (Huntsville-area WOW! customers: you have it on channel 985.)
  • Two IndyCar races to go in the 2014 season. The championship is Will Power‘s to lose. He’s hardly my favorite driver, but part of me is pulling for him. He’s finished second in the championship three times, and he has done some outstanding driving this year.
  • Burger King has mostly canned its slightly-better-for-you Satisfries, making them the latest example of a decent idea that was very poorly executed.
  • Ace Frehley’s latest Space Invader is getting most of my aural attention right now. review coming tomorrow.

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