Jul 252014

Part of my automotive education was reading my dad’s Cars & Parts and Hemmings Motor News in bed before I went to sleep.

Both periodicals had a lot of classic American car content, which was why my dad took them. But there were exotics in there too, and that’s how I came to fall in love with the Aston Martin Lagonda.


Aston Martin hand-built some version of this car from 1976 to 1990. It was hideously expensive, with hopelessly complex electronic instrumentation that broke if you looked at it funny. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. I loved it like other kids loved the Lamborghini Countach. I only saw one in the metal once, at an auction, and it was a near-religious experience. As wild as it looks in photos, it’s just totally ridiculous sitting right in front of you. It’s a study hall sketch realized. You can’t believe anyone actually built it.

Guess what? There’s a new one coming, and it looks exactly like what you’d think the classic shape brought forward to 2015 would look like.


It will be sold exclusively in the Middle East, because “that’s where the demand is.” It is likely that less than 100 will be made. It will have a 7-figure price tag.

It’s highly interesting that some of the wildest, most visceral cars these days are sedans. Makes me wish the Fisker Karma had met with a more favorable end.

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  5 Responses to “Return of the Aston Martin Lagonda”

  1. I almost had my wife talked into a Rapide last year (2011 with 10,000 miles)…some days i wish i had pulled that off. The side view of this car looks very similar to a Quattroporte.

    • Yes, I can see that. The Lagonda is a bit more angular, which makes sense. It’s trying to evoke maybe the most angular car ever produced. 🙂

      So the Quattroporte won the face-off with the Rapide? Or was that a different transaction?

  2. Yup…read my mind!

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