Jun 192014
  • There is a lot of soccer on right now. Is there a big tournament or something?
  • The Amazon Fire phone looks genuinely neat—particularly the Firefly feature—but I don’t see anything to break me away from Windows Phone. Also, bringing it out at $199 with contract seems more than a bit ambitious. I think $99 with a contract/$49 with a contract for Prime members would make the point much more effectively.
  • Viet Huong patrons know that during the week, if you can’t be there by 11:15, you should wait until 12:45. Well, I think it’s even slid from there now. I arrived at 11:05 yesterday to find the restaurant three-quarters full, and some folks with food. That’s five minutes after the published opening time. I’m betting folks are showing at 10:45 and being sat.
  • Did you know the Old Spice you used to give your dad isn’t available anymore? It smells different and no longer comes in a glass bottle. Apparently we have Procter & Gamble to thank for this.
  • My friend Jason’s Carolina Reaper peppers should be just about ready. I have promised to put one in my mouth, chew it up, and swallow it. Stay tuned.
  • There’s a new Ace Frehley record on the way! Looking forward to it. His last one was outstanding.
  • If I’m going 77 mph and you want to pass me, that’s great. But could you please go a little faster than 77.01 when you do it?

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