Jun 052014
  • Supposed to rain all weekend.
  • The NFL has announced it’s going with Super Bowl 50 as the official name of the game. I hate that. I’ve been looking forward to Super Bowl L. I may defiantly call it that.
  • I can’t recall ever having seen a celebrity sex tape. I can remember a snippet of a Tommy Lee-Pamela Anderson one that must have been on a show like Behind the Music, but that’s it. Just not my thing. Never seen the Erin Andrews footage, either. Feels wrong to even look for it. She was invaded for it.
  • I haven’t followed baseball in 20 years. The ’94 strike did me in. But I saw that Don Zimmer died this week. RIP.
  • I watched Six Feet Under in real time, and at a poignant time in my life. It’s unlikely I’ll ever not call it the greatest TV show of all time. I have, however, come to appreciate that Breaking Bad is as skillfully crafted.
  • Maybe the boys and I will sit down with the chessboard this weekend. I’ve been missing chess, and they’re old enough now for undiluted discussion of it.
  • Did you catch our Afterparty show at Alabamians Can Read?

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