Feb 212014

I’m not going to say much about Richard Petty’s latest comments on Danica Patrick. I respect Petty’s life and career, and I wish he’d remain above this sort of fray.

If Danica Patrick were without racing skill, I would not be a fan. (Granted I enjoyed watching her much more in IndyCar. I like speed.) She drives well enough to keep a seat. She gets disproportionate attention because of her beauty.

And I think that’s the part that bugs Richard Petty the most. (He’s not ever been much of an aw-shucks, fade-into-the-crowd guy.)

Danica Patrick had three poles, seven podiums, and a victory in IndyCar. She had a pole and seven top-ten finishes in Nationwide. She has a pole and an eighth-place finish in the Daytona 500. To claim she can’t drive is absurd.

Can it please be all right for a woman to be attractive without insisting that her aptitude be viewed through the lens of that attractiveness? (I’m pretty sure that’s all right for a man.)

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