Jan 302014
  • Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw walked six miles through the snow and near-zero wind chill to perform life-saving brain surgery on Tuesday. Thank you and God bless you, sir. Bravo.
  • I’ve been very back-and-forth on my next post series. I’ve now decided it’s going to be a detailed look at steps for animal welfare that everyone can take, regardless of political leaning. The issues surrounding how we treat animals tend to be associated with the political left, and they really shouldn’t be. A lot of them are about being human, not liberal.
  • Marlon Humphrey, baby. Roll Tide. ‘Course, now we’ll have shots of his dad in the stands, and again be told every single week that he used to sell Cokes in the upper deck at Legion Field.
  • Ah, good old Legion Field. I’ve certainly made some great memories there. It’s getting harder to imagine a happy ending for the Old Grey Lady.
  • An unmarked white Dodge Charger, containing who I assume to be an Alabama state trooper, is prowling I-565 these days. The unmarked previous-generation Ford Police Interceptors remain pretty easy to spot. Most of them have black grills, to which I’ve become attuned literally a mile away. Even the ones that don’t tend to be equipped with wheel covers I’ve never seen on civilian Crown Vics. But the unmarked Chargers are stealthy indeed. If there is a reliable tell on them, I haven’t found it yet.
  • Our Upward season is already half over. I have such a blast coaching, and the boys love to play. What a great league!
  • I’m seeing those Rocket City Bloggers again tonight, and we’ll probably start talking about our next fabulous event. Stay tuned, dudes and dolls!

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