Jan 312014

I’ve enjoyed these occasional posts, consisting of search terms that led someone here. Alas, Google’s new policy of encrypting its search results means they’re probably an endangered species. I shook this decent one out. Is it the last? We’ll see.

Here are some recent search terms (put into Google, Yahoo!, and so forth) that led someone to this blog:

betty white bob barker feud
I am proud to say that I am a fairly consistent top rank in Google search results with this and highly similar queries.

britney spears without underpants
Dude. It’s 2014.

I’m vaguely terrified at the notion of even trying to explore what that means.

pics guys wearing ladies undies
Yeah, BoWilliams.com has at least one of those I can remember.

bo williams bugatti
Across from the airport. Come see us. Free doughnuts in the service department. Balloons for the kids.

hanna montana crouch shot
A squatting fetish! It takes all kinds, folks.

will best buy survive 2014
Wonderful question. I’d say that’s hardly assured.

pictures of renee estevez
The only truly datable girl in Heathers. Loved me some Betty Finn.

dickens village brothel
One of the best ideas I ever had—undesirable buildings for Christmas villages.

i am still pissed off about 2013 iron bowl
Don’t be. It’s not like we blundered it away. Auburn lined up and whipped our ass. Know what, though? We do it again in just about ten months.

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