Jan 032014

What a bunch of babies.

Certainly not all of you, but way too many of you, judging from my Twitter feed.

Maybe Miss Terry was onto something.

I’ve been over this before. Alabama is being Alabama when it’s legitimately in the conversation for the national title every year. That’s back. That’s as back as it gets. That’s as real as it gets. When we’re a threat all the way to the end, then the Crimson Tide is being the Crimson Tide.

And mission accomplished—six years in a row. (Yes, there were highly plausible scenarios even in 2010. We controlled our destiny well after the South Carolina loss.)

Folks, we’re in the midst of an absolutely sick run. Like, early ’60s or late ’70s kind of run. It’s a juggernaut. It’s a machine. Wow, what a great time to be an Alabama fan. It’s not over, by any means. This team doesn’t rebuild. It reloads.

Coach Bryant had this team for 25 seasons. Know how many of those he was undefeated? How about three?

But his teams were almost always in the hunt to the end. Coach Saban’s Alabama teams are almost always in the hunt to the end.

And that’s as good as it gets. Our 2013 team won 11 games. It was in the national title hunt even beyond its Iron Bowl loss. I’m proud of them. Be proud of them with me.

Please try to find some grace in defeat. Yes, we made mistakes against both Auburn and Oklahoma. But Auburn didn’t stumble into rushing on us for 296 yards. Trevor Knight didn’t just happen into going 32 for 44 for 348 yards and four TDs.

When they line up and beat you, don’t make excuses. Shake their hand and congratulate them. That’s good manners. That’s class. Your substantial consolation, should you require such, is that you get to walk away and still be Alabama.

And we’ll be Alabama in 2014 too.

Roll Tide.

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  2 Responses to “Alabama fans, please keep some perspective”

  1. I know that every team has its whiners – the bandwaggoners who scream and cry at any setback whatsoever. I have to interact with one who INSISTS, repeatedly, anytime anyone will listen, that CBS hid footage showing Auburn’s return man stepped out of bounds.

    Look at this as an opportunity to shed the faux fans and keep the core. Those who appreciate what you have, not feel entitled to something different.

    It’s the same as when my Saints struggle. My twitter feed ends up filled with “THEY SUCK”. Okay, move along, we don’t want you, then.

    • The implied premise in where a lot of these people are coming from is that the only acceptable course is never losing. And that’s crazy. Alabama doing what it’s doing is absolutely as good as it gets. It’s as good as it ever was for Coach Bryant right now. It’s as good as it was for Nebraska 1994-97 right now. Florida State lost a total of 13 games in the entire 1990s. This is it, folks. There is no up from here. Let’s enjoy it, please?

      Earlier today I saw someone grousing about Bob Stoops puffing out a little bit after the game. I say good for him. Nobody expected much out of his team, and instead of coming in and posting a respectable loss, they came into a place that has hosted some of Alabama’s most storied victories and whipped their ass. Swell up a bit, man. You earned it.

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