Dec 262013
  • We had dinner with one of Lea’s old friends not long ago, and he convinced me that Skyrim was acceptable, content-wise, for the boys. So Santa brought it. The timers are suspended through the end of tomorrow. We’re playing a bunch of Skyrim. (I think I’m starting my own game tonight post-bedtime. I don’t have a timer ever. Ha ha ha.)
  • I considered today how carefully must screen and qualify their consultants for Mayday, the instant face-to-face video support available on its Kindle Fire HDX tablets. Can you imagine the nonsense those people must put up with in the middle of the night?
  • I tried a peanut butter and sriracha sandwich this afternoon. (This combination has many enthusiastic advocates.) It’s all right. It tastes better than it sounds like it would. I still don’t understand the extreme zeal for it.
  • After suffering numerous smaller-but-still-significant paint incidents throughout our ownership, a piece of paint the size of a sheet of paper peeled off the tailgate of Lea’s Honda Odyssey on Christmas Eve. I really hate it because I’m very pro-Alabama, but I’m never having another vehicle produced at the Honda plant in Lincoln.
  • Conversely, the continued quality, reliability, and durability of the Technical Writing Express (a 2008 Nissan Versa) has been impressive (and it’s built in Mexico and has what is basically a Renault engine). Driving it is about as exciting as using a photocopier, but it’s been consistent. The only thing really showing any age at all is the steering wheel. I’m going to need a cover for it.
  • My dad gave my family and my stepbrother Chris’s family nice microscopes for Christmas. We’re both excited about having it around for our children. (We’re also both excited about learning to verify the continued effectiveness of our respective vasectomies. As with anything else, there’s advice online for that. Heh.)
  • And yes, I know vasectomy is approximately 99.95% effective as birth control. I also know two different men who have post-vasectomy children with their faithful wives.
  • The Capital One commercials for the Quicksilver credit card with Samuel L. Jackson have undergone a running change. When they first started airing, he said “every damned day.” Now he says “every single day.”
  • I have posts in the works on the current state of light bulbs and on “gateway” hot sauces—suggestions for taking a few, safe-but-broadening steps into the glorious world beyond Tabasco and Texas Pete. Watch this space.
  • Lea and I enjoyed ample opportunities to appreciate how blessed we are this Christmas. I hope you’ve had a similar experience.

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  1. You know you can’t post something about vasectomies without some kind of response here! You have to have a certain volume of “stuff” to examine under the microscope to reliably say for sure that you have had a successful vasectomy. Did both of those people you know go to the same urologist? How soon after the vasectomy did their wives get pregnant? It takes approximately 3 months, in average, for sperm left behind after the vasectomy to “work their way out.” We are taught that if someone fathers a child after a verified successful vasectomy that if they are questioning whether the procedure worked that they should have a paternity test, no matter how faithful their wives are. Not a pleasant conversation, I’m sure. Thankfully, it is one that I’ve never had to have with a patient. That’s probably more vasectomy information than you’ve ever wanted to have!

    • Hey Dave! Years later in each case. Vas deferens restoring itself, as opposed to “jumping the gun.” Heh. And both of these wives were/are well above suspicion.

      As Chris and I discussed yesterday, trying to verify the absence of something is much trickier than trying to verify the presence of something. 🙂 I don’t think either of us is looking at it as anything but mild inductive evidence. Hadn’t occurred to me until now that I could ask you for pointers on technique. 🙂

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