Dec 192013
  • Getting on toward “if it’s not done, it’s not gonna get done” quickly, folks. Make peace with it. Enjoy Christmas.
  • Weather looks potentially chaotic this weekend. Pay attention. The phrase “classic squall line potential” has appeared, courtesy an actual meteorologist, in my Twitter stream.
  • It says BEST BY above that date on your processed food, not TURNS INSTANTLY LETHAL ON. Look at it. Smell it. Taste it. Check, check, and check? Eat it.
  • Kiss will finally be inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame next year. Word is that only Paul, Gene, Ace, and Peter are included. I think Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick should get in as well.
  • We went to Stanlieo’s after doing a little service work at the hospital on Christmas Eve last year, so now Nathan has his tummy set on a Kitchen Sink this year too. (Dude, great sandwich–one of Huntsville’s best–but it’ll be Texas day at Anaheim Chili…)
  • Seems like a better slate of bowl games this year than we’ve had in some time. It looks like there may be more potentially good games up and down the calendar. Looking forward to watching.
  • I was quoted (anonymously, but still!) in a highly prominent national column today! It’s political, and I keep Thursday miscellanea posts apolitical, so check my Twitter feed for the link.

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