Dec 032013

Folks, really?

As loath as I am to discuss the 2013 Iron Bowl again, it seems far too many folks aren’t getting some things right, so here I am to help. (You can always rely on to tell you what you should think.) Dig:

  • Auburn was not lucky. Yes, the ending was wild, but Auburn ran on the vaunted Alabama defense to the tune of 296 yards. They lined up and beat us. Deal.
  • Alabama will not play for the 2013 national title. When you post or utter the phrase “if Duke beats Florida State” in your breathless analysis, you’re reaching way, way too far. We totally controlled our destiny. We lost, so we don’t. We seem headed for a BCS bowl, and what a great thing to happen in a so-called “down” year, right? Be happy.
  • Neither Saban nor Malzahn are going anywhere. Both will be in their current positions for the 2014 season.
  • Crimson Nation, these remain the best of times. Coach Bryant was at the Capstone for 25 years, and went undefeated for only three of them. He lost to Auburn six times as the Alabama head coach. Saban’s at half that. (He’s also at half the number of Bryant’s national titles, so think about that.) It’s not about never losing; it’s about being legitimately in the national title conversation every year. If we’re doing that, we’re Alabama. And we are.
  • No one player, call, or anything loses a football game. It’s a complex and lengthy event. You can hang the outcome on any number of single things, none of them sensible.
  • (Most importantly): None of this is God, family, or country. If a football game genuinely and significantly affects your mood for longer than 24 hours, then frankly, you need to recalibrate.

You’re welcome. Pull yourself together.

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  4 Responses to “The post-Iron Bowl 2013 guide for the heartbroken Alabama fan”

  1. Bo – this is video of the opening comments by Coach Bryant after the loss to Miss. St. in 1980 – still very relevant –

  2. Just don’t take it out on Clemson if the two teams meet at the Orange Bowl. Good grief.

    • I’m kind of hoping that doesn’t happen. We have an Alabama-Clemson game in recent memory already.

      Great year for your team too!

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