Dec 112013

So argues Jonah Goldberg in an excellent column today.

I’m as tacky as they come in plenty of situations, but it’s very much a time and place thing. I can remember watching an IndyCar race with the boys when they were 8 and 5 maybe, and a couple times an hour a commercial would air that started off with a bellowing “Are you ready to kick ass?” This was at 2:00 on a Sunday afternoon on a cable sports channel. Sigh.

Goldberg also mentioned everyone’s current favorite embodiment of skankadelia, Miley Cyrus. That reminded me of a recent musing I had.

Imagine that for her next appearance, on an awards show or whatever, that the curtain rises to reveal a grand piano. Miley Cyrus emerges from stage left in a flattering but tasteful black gown. She acknowledges applause with a wave and a bow. She sits and plays and sings something beautiful, making good use of her range. She finishes. She stands, smiles, bows again, mouths “thank you” a couple of times, and walks back off as the curtain lowers.

Nothing she could do would be as shocking as that.

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  4 Responses to “The new taboo is decency”

  1. It would only be shocking in contrast to her recent behavior. If she’d skipped the recent hubub and went straight to long black dress + piano, it’d be a yawn fest. She’s looking for attention and she’s getting it.

    • But Amanda, what else there but “in contrast to her recent behavior”? Our shock is all immediate and contextual. We don’t have attention spans for anything longer anymore.

      You probably never saw Hannah Montana, but as recently as five years ago this was a plucky and very talented little girl. She’s a precocious and very talented young adult now, which is why it’s such a shame she’s so totally slutted out instead of presenting with a little dignity.

      She’s good. That’s a lot of why it’s so disappointing. See also Lindsay Lohan.

  2. Decency.

    Current president is taking selfies at a memorial service like a teenage, duckfaced girl.

    Prior president sends lovely letter of encouragement to Alabama kicker after his bad day.

    Society is killing me. Please. Can we have some adults back on the airwaves?

    • Wasn’t that a great thing President Bush did?

      My favorite trope on the Obama selfie is people acting like the offense we’re committing is assuming Michelle is angry. Uh, no, Obamapologists. The offense is that the President of the United States took a selfie at all.

      Would have been inappropriate and undignified anywhere. At a state funeral, it was appalling.

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