Dec 272013

In a move as shocking as the sun rising in the east this morning, A&E has announced that Phil Robertson’s suspension from Duck Dynasty has been lifted.

From the start, Robertson’s only transgression was that his word choice was perhaps a bit less than artful. There is no evidence he is evil, despite the knee-jerk hyperventilation of thousands of perpetually finger-pointing and tongue-clucking liberals all desperate to be among the first to denounce his “hate” and therefore highlight themselves as sensitivest of all.

In reinstating Robertson, A&E has followed the money, but it has also followed common sense. This was never anything but manufactured hair-trigger offense, perpetrated by those who are divisive for profit. (Hey, speaking of, I read today that Jesse Jackson demanded a meeting with A&E and Cracker Barrel management. What a shame he won’t get an opportunity to use his legendary diplomatic and bridge-building skills to find common ground here, eh?)

Phil Robertson’s views are not my views. Guess what? That’s all right.

It’s a big country.

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