Oct 102013
  • Another perfect square, finally! Have to make some racket when I hit them. They get fewer and farther between. That’s their nature. Wow, 256 is a special number in a lot of ways.
  • Weather has broken. It’s perfect right now. I love northern Alabama.
  • Lea’s 2004 Honda Odyssey, which has managed to fairly consistently underwhelm me the entire time we’ve owned it, threw a transmission error code last week. Second-generation Odysseys are near-legendary for transmission trouble, and I feared this was a big one. Fortunately it was an easily-replaced fourth gear pressure switch. Think $181, not $4000.
  • I love Lea’s van on the road at 77 mph, and I love its interior design, but the ownership experience has been unsatisfying. The paint is delaminating (I’m scared to wash it because of how much blue I’ll potentially wash off). All four window motors have failed at one time or another. The alloy wheels were improperly sealed, so they all look like hell now. I have had two engine mounts replaced. None of what I just typed is a reasonable and expected failure. Avoidance of nonsense like this is supposed to be part of what I’m paying for when I purchase a Honda instead of lease a Chrysler. Consider my rose-colored Honda glasses smashed to shit.
  • I got a flu shot day before yesterday. My employer paid for it. It’s my first one in a couple of years. I got them regularly when the boys were truly young. Shot or not, I haven’t had the flu in ten years or so.
  • Here’s an entertaining examination of the hot chili pepper arms race. Be careful out there.
  • Yes, beer is good for you. Alas, “the more the better” doesn’t apply.

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  4 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #256”

  1. I had the flu (type A) 11 years ago & missed a week of work, due to the secondary pneumonia that settled in. It was scary bad. Since then, we’ve all gotten the shot/mist every year. None of us have had it since. And with an asthmatic daughter, it’s best just to keep that nastiness out of our house.

  2. Secondary pneumonia! Yipes.

    I was visiting my mother in 1995 or 1996 when I last had it. (Over Christmas break, too. Joy.) I was showering before driving home, and it hit me. I can feel it, and it’s unmistakable. I don’t feel bad at that moment; I just know it’s imminent. It’s almost like a switch being thrown.

    “Mom, I can’t leave. I have the flu. I’m going to be flat on my back in an hour or so.”

    And I was. I stayed in bed down there three days, then drove home (and shouldn’t have, as much as that exhausted me). I was sick for another seven or eight up here and got well just in time to go back to work.

    When you ask someone if s/he has ever had the flu, and the reply is “I’m not sure,” you can be certain that person has never had it.

  3. Jeff and I both had flu one year. We took our temperatures, and whoever had the lower one had to go make something for us to eat. I remember having a 103.4 temp, sinking back into the pillows, then finding out Jeff had 104 something, so I got up to heat up a can of soup. I had to sit down and rest between the bedroom and the kitchen. Dave Barry wrote about wanting an “Electrocute” setting on the electric blanket, and I totally understood that.

  4. Cold on the inside of your bones. That’s how I always described it. So cold that upon returning to your bed from the bathroom, you’re convinced you’ll never, ever be warm again.

    Love how you decided who cooked! And may neither of us ever have flu again.

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