Oct 032013

A colleague and friend just asked me what I thought of the shutdown.

I don’t think either side is behaving admirably (but how often does admirable behavior occur in Mos Eisley Washington anyway?). I do think our esteemed president has operated outside the law unchecked for so long that the House is doing the only thing it can to get control of the purse strings back. (You know, the control the Constitution says it has?)

So I’m not happy about what’s happening, but trying to be hopeful that circumstances more favorable to liberty and responsibility could emerge on the back side.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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  3 Responses to “Probably all I’ll say here on the government shutdown”

  1. Bo:
    I am so apathetic about this…Half of my office is out, sitting at home, not getting paid. I feel so awful for them…and so helpless that anything I say (yes, I’ve called. Yes, I’ve emailed) or do has ZERO impact on how Washington is behaving.

  2. BTW, Oxford plays Lee-Huntsville tonight. I’ll be up there to watch my kiddo cheer.

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