Sep 122013
  • Weighed in within one pound of a four-year low on Monday morning.
  • Good thing too, because I’m out of jeans. I have them I can fall all the way through down to about 200 pounds, if I’ll keep losing. Need to, don’t you think?
  • Sigh. I’m beginning to feel some of the same weariness with college football I felt about baseball (which I stopped following after the 1994 strike). We have an impasse of rules, enforcement, and such that we need to overcome. I won’t have my happy memories constantly threatened. I’ll just choose to stop making new ones.
  • Grand Theft Auto V comes out next week. I have fun playing GTA games, but I’ve never even come close to finishing one. I think I played IV to all of about 30%. Definitely think I’ll wait for a price break before picking this one up.
  • I was headed for take two of Puerto Rican food with Paul yesterday, but it seems My Old San Juan is between owners. The nail salon employee next door told me she thought it would reopen next week. Perhaps I’ll do a real review soon.
  • As we left Saigon today, I discovered that Paul just leased a Volt. I’ve not had an extended look at one. Asked him for that sometime soon. There’ll be a post.
  • Deeply into habaneros right now. My colleague, friend, and neighbor dropped by with some sauce he made, and it’s divine. Still using a good bit of Marie Sharp’s. And, I’ve taken to slicing a raw one per quesadilla. It’s a fabulous fruity/floral flavor, and I love the gradually accumulating heat.
  • I’m taking a brief posting hiatus from See you Monday. I’ll be around a bit on Twitter in the meantime.

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  5 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #252”

  1. Good thing you are taking a brief hiatus from posting because I am taking a brief hiatus from reading this weekend. Driving the boy down to tour Auburn campus and CS department.

    He also received his acceptance letter from the cow college on the other side of the western border and is preening a teeny bit. Good to see him be proud of himself, because generally, he’s a cynic. Wonder from whom in the hell he inherited THAT trait.

    • I’m very much a product of said school, and have lived there longer than anywhere else. If you have any questions about the CS or SE (software engineering) program there let me know. I recently went on one of the school’s tours with a friend who’s daughter was interested and I ended up knowing a good bit more than the tour guide.

      Auburn is a good school as well, but I hear it cost twice as much for instate tuition there as it does out of state at my alma mater.

      Also, despite our nearly century old reputation for it… 95% of graduates from “the cow college” will never see a cow out there the entire time. I don’t think I saw one while I was in school there.

      • I grew up in Mississippi, and MS State as “cow” college has fond connotations for me; just the same as Auburn being the more historically agricultural institution is the “cow” college where I attended.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss progress!

    I think the NCAA (SEC especially) needs to rethink the whole gifts/benefits thing. The reality is, it’s happening at all of the big schools. Many of the athletes at my school apparently failed the “Being discrete 101” class, as they stand out when driving around in $50k+ vehicles with another $10k-$20k in after market paint jobs, tricked out stereos, rims, etc blasting music so loud you can hear it clear across campus. When a student athlete parks his car that cost twice as much as the car belonging to the professor (who’s been with the university for 25 years) in the spot next to him… you know there’s something wrong with saying “They just get free tuition, board, food, and books.” Right…

    We either need to embrace the benefits culture, or get really strict about enforcing it to completely discourage it. This whole thing of letting it fly until someone has a political agenda with a need to make a fuss about it makes it feel like the sports equivalent of a Fox-News-vs-MSNBC-esque relationship. We just want to watch football, not the NCAA Soap Opera channel.

  3. Jumped the gun one day on posting again 🙂

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