Sep 222013

I’m co-teaching in Aaron’s Sunday school class this month. I’m co-teaching in Nathan’s confirmation class next month.

Our boys are jelling, right now, with the children who will comprise their church youth group. They’re almost there. Teaching at church gives me a good look at that process, and I’m excited for them.

I don’t think I can overstate what my youth group in my early teen years meant to me. It was a tempestuous time, and I think the love and stability at my church enabled me to navigate it.

I see good kids with good parents surrounding Nathan and Aaron. I’m so pleased that they’ll grow in Christ with the support their youth group will give them. I’m further pleased that I think I really can remember what it feels like to be a teenager, and therefore recognize this value on the front end.

I’m also wigged out and a bit teary that so much of their childhoods are gone.

Guess this is no time for me to go wobbly though, is it?

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