Aug 012013
  • I go through phases in which I like to have a familiar movie on in the background while I write or work. I’m never telling anyone how many times I saw Road House over the past week.
  • Reading this story, it became rather clear to me that one of Johnny Manziel’s biggest problems is that his father is fascinated and bewildered by his son’s immaturity, rather than disapproving. Sir, how about being his dad first and his buddy second?
  • My Facebook profile is ostensibly deleted now. I miss it, but I won’t go back.
  • Pandora punched up Pearl‘s “Love Pyre” for me yesterday. What an awesome, rib-cracking rocker! Having a blast with the album now. Highly recommended.
  • I have begun to entertain the possibility that we’ll get out of the summer without being sustainedly torched for days without relief. Love the low-humidity days we’ve had here and there lately.
  • “Your hell is just beginning,” said Michelle Knight to the monster Ariel Castro, who imprisoned her for years, as he went to spend the rest of his life in prison. No sentence could possibly be more appropriate.
  • IndyCar is back this weekend. Gets tough a month out from the start of football. Part of the reason I started following IndyCar was to have something to do outside football season–and then right here in the maddening last few weeks before it starts, the IndyCar races drop to only once every two or three weeks.

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