May 302013
  • The boys are excited about seeing a live woolly mammoth.  Wanted to know yesterday if I thought I’d see one in my lifetime.  I told them yes, I thought I probably would.
  • I’m trying to encourage, as best I can, an old high school friend who just quit smoking.  Folks, think of and pray for smokers in your acquaintanceship who would like to quit.  Of all the problems they’ll ever face that are entirely under their control, this is the biggest one.
  • You’d swear “Neil Diamond” was a stage name, wouldn’t you?  It isn’t.  Neil Leslie Diamond is the guy’s name.
  • Please listen to me, fellow interstate travelers.  I don’t care if you’re faster than I am.  I don’t care if you’re slower than I am.  But can you please pick one or the other?  There is really no excuse for varying your cruising speed any more than 3 mph or so, whether you have cruise control or not.
  • Speaking of, saw a very faithful Bluesmobile on the way to Indy this weekend.  I pointed it out, and Nathan said, nearly immediately and quite authentically:  “We’re on a mission from God.”
  • TLC, if you can get Paige Davis and Genevieve Gorder back in the same half-hour, I’ll watch.  I don’t even care what they do.
  • It’s amazing how therapeutic someone’s given minutes can be.  Stop and appreciate that when it happens.

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #238”

  1. There is really no excuse for varying your cruising speed any more than 3 mph or so

    I got stuck behind a Prius who drove 10 – 15 mph below the speed limit when there was a double-yellow line and accelerated to over 15 mph over the speed limit when I was able to pass. Pacing me when I was trying to pass got me the closest I’ve been to road rage in a long time.

  2. I do not have a fast car, but on occasions when I drive one (like Dad’s to and from Indy), my favorite characteristic of it is a large degree of inoculation from such nonsense. I will dictate the terms of our encounter, fellow motorist. Your views on the topic are irrelevant.

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