Apr 172013

A man with a rifle walking with his son down a country road is not something I’d be likely to even remember driving by.  Doesn’t move my needle at all.

Here’s one that I hope gets the publicity it needs, because we have a lot of folks who need to be roused.

I first read about the case here, where there are more salient details about what occurs before the recording started.  Here is the video of an American citizen being unlawfully and forcibly disarmed by Temple, Texas police officers.  Watch and listen to the whole thing (language warning).

You just heard a police officer in the United States of America—a constitutional republic—say “we’re exempt from the law.”  (I really dug the kid’s sniffles audible at the end, too.  Nice, huh?)

The comments on both the National Review Corner blog post and the YouTube video itself demonstrate a lot of the problem here.  Our rights are sliding into the ocean because those who would eagerly deny them have trained us to agitate irrelevantly.  “Well, we don’t know what happened in the first part of this encounter.”  It doesn’t matter.  There is plenty that is heinously wrong with police behavior and speech in this video, no matter what precedes it.  “Well, the guy’s being a jerk.”  It doesn’t matter.  Being a jerk is not illegal—yet—and besides that, his upset is certainly justified.  How many laws did this officer piss on?

Millions have been indoctrinated with the notion that there is no such thing as a man with a gun minding his own business who is not a threat.  The effective, widespread assignment of negative novelty to that person has been the single most devastating stroke in the war on the Second Amendment in my lifetime.

What can you do?  This couldn’t hurt.

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  2 Responses to “Texas man arrested, guns confiscated for “rudely displaying””

  1. I appreciate your bringing attention to this story, for I was completely unaware of it.

    Searching Google has unveiled his defense fund on Indiegogo.

  2. Chris, you’re welcome, and thanks.

    I fear we’re pissing into a hurricane, but hey, the pissing is essentially free.

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