Apr 192013

It must be.  I mean, we’ve heard since before the smoke cleared that we don’t know who did this and shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but it was probably an angry right-wing Christian white man.  Now it is being reported that the suspects are from Chechnya.

So, chop chop, “mainstream media.”  Put it together.  Break it down for us.  Locate the tea party connections in Chechnya.  Find someone flying a Gadsden flag.  Find us some “gun nuts” babbling about patriotism and taking the country back.

(And I’m certain that Chechnya is overwhelmingly Sunni Islam and wracked with violent insurgency are not salient details, so no need to say anything about that.)

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  2 Responses to “Chechnya full of angry right-wing Christian white men, BoWilliams.com has learned”

  1. America needs to wake up and stop sympathizing with the enemy.

  2. I have to admit that on Tuesday it “felt” more like Oklahoma City than Twin Towers to me. Can’t put my finger on why, but maybe because soft targets have not been a focus of domestic terrorism as of yet. I will say that Chechnyan Sunnis was not in my thought process. Maybe Sudanese or Ethiopian extremists at a running event, but the overwhelming audience at the Boston Marathon looks very WASP-ish, so I discounted anything resembling Arabic as “standing out.” And I should have looked a lot further north.

    The younger sociopath is a naturalized citizen as of…get ready for this…September 11th of last year. I hope Boston unleashes the K-9 Units on the bastard and forgets the release call.

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