Mar 112013

Theater is part of politics.  I get that.

It is still incredibly childish and disingenuous of President Obama to pretend that it’s necessary to cancel White House tours as a result of sequestration.

I’ve read here and there that canceling White House tours saves $18,000 per week.  So, we’re talking just under $1 million a year.

whitehouseWhat’s it cost for Obama to play a single round of golf?  How much to put Air Force One in the air, per hour, for him to make a campaign speech?  (Does he make any other kind?)  How much for a junket to Martha’s Vineyard, or the coasts of Spain, while Camp David sits empty?

The president canceled White House tours because it was highly visible and punitive.  Period.  We did not yield to his wisdom on sequestration, so we will suffer the consequences.

“You will pay the price for your lack of vision.” – Emperor Palpatine, to Luke Skywalker

Thing is, it’s a major unforced error, in terms of the guy getting to continue his orgy of hedonism in peace.  Every undertaking of presidential leisure must now pass the “is this more important than White House tours?” test.

Beyond perhaps padding to the couch in his footie pajamas with a PBR and turning on the game, can the President of the United States do anything for a mere million dollars?

This is why I fully expect that, amazingly, as a result of many White House staffers spending many late nights looking desperately for an answer, sometime soon our esteemed president will surround himself with school-age children and breathlessly announce that he and his staff have found a way for White House tours to resume.

You read it here, dudes and dolls.

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  2 Responses to “White House tours to resume soon”

  1. Air Force One is $179,750 per hour according to a 2012 Congressional Research Service report. Probably over $180K by now.

    He spent more $$ playing golf with Tiger Woods for a weekend than a year’s worth of White House tours.

  2. What a SHOCK! Plus, apparently it was the bad old Secret Service’s fault the whole time anyway.

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