Mar 282013
  • Back from a jaunt to Chattanooga today.  We’re going to be tourists in our own town tomorrow.
  • Why would you carry around a 10″ tablet and use it as your primary camera at, say, the Tennessee Aquarium?  It looks terribly unwieldy, ma’am.  You don’t look like you’re enjoying yourself.
  • I’m not going to vote for my favorite new Lay’s flavor, and actually I’m rather unlikely to even try any of them.  I think I’d probably vote for Cheesy Garlic Bread, though.  There is little chance of Chicken & Waffles being any good, when every snack that has ever purported to simulate a complex dish has been at least moderately disgusting; and Sriracha seems pointless.  Why not just use actual Sriracha sauce on regular Lay’s?
  • Speaking of hot sauce, I enjoyed the Pain Is Good! Jamaican style hot sauce I tried with my lunch at Lime Fresh yesterday.  There was a huge splash of fruity habanero flavor on the front end that let me know the heat was coming.  It didn’t disappoint.  It was a nice, enjoyable burn.
  • Speaking of Lime Fresh, I really like it there, but I may have to stop going when the weather isn’t amenable to sitting outside.  The music is way too loud, and the staff reports that corporate dictates the volume.  Hey, corporate (and if you’re savvy online, then you’re reading this, because you came to check it out shortly after you got a report that I linked to you)?  The music is too loud!
  • The UPS man just brought the new Saxon CD.  The new releases of two of my favorite video game franchises are already here.  This is an embarrassment of riches indeed.
  • With college hoops, my habit is to wait until the Sweet Sixteen, then have a look.  If Alabama’s in (hey, it’s happened!), then I pay attention.  Or, if a real Cinderella is in, then I pay attention.  We definitely have one in Florida Gulf Coast University.  I will be pulling for them to win tomorrow night, even though they’re playing an SEC team.

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