Mar 012013

…it’s that I feel so little assurance that they learn anything after doing dumb things that really alarms me.

With our ever-decreasing attention spans, I fear that even momentary reflection in that vein is too much to expect.

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  2 Responses to “It’s not that people do dumb things…”

  1. I wrote this waiting for my lunchtime babes to arrive yesterday, shortly after a traffic near-incident. Too long to set up the narrative for too little payoff, but the upshot is another driver did something 100% legal but incredibly short-sighted, and I could have easily had a wreck with her that would have been 100% my fault—by the letter of the law.

    And I don’t think nearly enough people even consider that you can drive legally but badly, and even fewer trigger any self-reflection at times like this.

    Things will be different in Bozekistan.

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