Mar 262013

My latest post at Tennessee Valley Moms Network is on bullying.  Please take a moment to read it, and please forward to anyone who may benefit from it.

I was bullied, and was myself a bully, a few times in my childhood.  I’ve experienced both sides of it.  I’ve changed my views on bullying pretty substantially in the past few years.  Go have a look and let me know what you think.

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      2 Responses to “Bullying matters, at Tennessee Valley Moms Network”

    1. Really good post, Bo. My 10 year old daughter was having issues with a bully this school year and, fortunately, it never did get to cyber-bullying (at least that we know of). That child ended up switching schools a few months ago and she has been a different student, child, and daughter since the other child left. The signs that you said to look for are spot on.

    2. Thanks much, Dave! I appreciate it. Glad she is doing better now.

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