Feb 282013
  • The perfect squares are getting fewer and farther between.  That’s their nature.  But 225 is one.  Hello, 225!
  • I absently selected and took a bite of a piece of sausage pizza at the boys’ Upward season-end party Monday night.  Shoot.  I went ahead and finished it, and decided I’ll go one day full vegetarian to make up for it.
  • Forecast for next three days as I type:  average high, 43 ºF.  Average low, 25 ºF.  Average snow chance, 47%.  One upside is that I can buy beer at lunch today and it’ll be fine in the car all afternoon.
  • I was headed with the boys last night to have dinner with Papa Ross and Grandma Martha, but just Aaron went because Nathan is down with what is unmistakably a stomach bug.  Potential respiratory contagion doesn’t scare me much, but I always hold my breath for gastroenteritis because it’s so debilitating.  Get well, Nate.  Don’t get sick, anyone else.
  • Eddie Williams, D.J. Pettway, Tyler Hayes, and Brent Calloway have been dismissed from the University of Alabama football team (and by extension the university itself).  So, juco standouts this year, and we’ll see you at Auburn in 2014, boys.  Ha ha ha.
  • So my uninterruptible power supply is throwing an error about every other day.  It says either “internal communication fault” or that the battery needs to be replaced.  I’ve been dealing with it by running self-tests on it until one passes, which clears the error log.  (Good old “last time until the next time.”)  This is its second battery already, so I guess it’s time to replace it.
  • I actually purchased a Barbra Streisand MP3 the other day.  It’s “Don’t Believe What You Read”—the second cut on Streisand Superman, a record I remember my mother enjoying (which is the source of my nostalgia for the track).  It’s a decent up-tempo pop/rock song, and you know, whatever you have to say about Streisand herself, the chick can sing.  Scott Mathews, one of its co-writers, starred as Fluke Starbucker in Hardware Wars.
  • Speaking of Star Wars (more or less), did you hear Disney has signed Lindsay Lohan to a major part in Episode VII?  (Gotcha.)

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #225”

  1. I about punched my monitor on that last one. That would not have been cool.

  2. If I really did get you for even two seconds, I’m pleased.

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