Feb 212013
  • We’ve been under a RED FLAG WARNING for low humidity and high wind this week.  It means, basically, that your knuckles bleed exceedingly easily, and also that if you stand outside for five minutes, you burst into flames.
  • My mother used to call me Elrod Clyde.  I don’t know where she came up with that, and a spin through the search engines is less than revelatory.  Nevertheless, I have adopted it as a new online handle, supplanting Argiope and variants.
  • When checking out with a few groceries, I have, from time to time, bagged them myself.  I think I offended a cashier doing that last night.  When I ran it by Lea, she said the cashier may have thought I was implying she was incapable of it, or that she’d do a poor job.  (No, I was trying not to stand there doing nothing while she was checking the rest of my stuff.)  In any case, I don’t think I’m going to do it again.
  • When it comes to hot V bitches, I’m going to have to give the nod to Jane Badler over Morena Baccarin.  Diana is hotter than Anna.  Sorry, Anna fanboys.
  • Did you know the USFL is back?  Well, sort of.  This time around they’re designating themselves a minor league for the NFL, as opposed to a competitor.  I’ll give it a shot.
  • (If Tebow winds up in the CFL, I’ll give that a shot too.)
  • The Madison Police Department has an unmarked, late model, silver Camaro.  I’ve seen it with a “customer” now in consecutive weeks.  Locals, y’all be careful out there.
  • Week one without red meat went well enough.  I’m definitely going to be missing it by the end of Lent, though.

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #224”

  1. I have been aware of the new USFL for quite some time now. I check a website called profootballtalk.com several times daily, and have for years. While primarily an NFL-related site (as you might expect), they do a fairly decent job of paying at least nominal attention to other professional American football leagues. They kept tabs on the UFL, for example, and made mention of the IFL, and occasionally mention Arena ball. I believe they even go as far back as the AFL2 and NFL Europe.

    Point being, when they mentioned the idea behind the new USFL, my ears perked up, and I’ve been keeping track of the new league ever since. I like what I’ve heard so far. I think the concept is solid: a league that will act as a developmental center for potential new NFL talent, not a competitor to the NFL. Playing in the spring in stead of the fall; again, to avoid looking like it’s competing with the NFL.

    My understanding is they hope to launch in the spring of 2014 with eight teams, one of which apparently will be in your Alabama, Bo, but not in Birmingham. I’ve heard rumors that the closest team to me, in the inaugural season, anyway, might be Hartford, CT.

  2. Bring it! I’d love to see something get legs and actually hang around a while!

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