Feb 142013
  • Today is Valentine’s Day!  I wish you a marvelous outing of highly specific consumption of consumer goods.
  • I have stopped fighting and have begun accepting.  I have my next full eye exam in three months, and it’s very likely I will be getting bifocals.  The decline is significant.
  • Yesterday I read a list of every #1 Billboard Hot 100 hit of the 1980s.  I remembered every single one except for “Coming Up” by Paul McCartney.  After listening to it last night, I still don’t remember it.  Maybe I killed that brain cell with whiskey.
  • I lost my temper in traffic yesterday morning.  Hadn’t happened in some time.  Not proud of it, but there it is.  There’s a 30-minute window in the morning during which I don’t need to be on I-565.  I need to remember that.
  • So I was a tad put out when my mysterious “Not Responding” phenomenon survived a clean install of Windows 8.  I think rolling the BIOS version might have worked.  I haven’t seen the problem in nearly three hours, nor have I seen the event that is the top suspect in Event Viewer.  (Update:  No, the BIOS update didn’t solve it, but I’ve definitely tied it to storahci events, making me confident I’m close.)
  • I’m now convinced that one of the core values of my friendship with Saintseester is our mutual detestation of talking on the telephone.  I’ve known her seven years, and we’ve been beyond acquaintanceship for five.  I bet we haven’t talked on the phone to each other ten minutes total.  Love, lady.
  • I gave up red meat for Lent, though I did go out in a blaze.  I had Texas chili for lunch on Tuesday, and steak fajitas for dinner.  Now, hammer down on 46 days of poultry and seafood.

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  5 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #223”

  1. I think I’m finally getting used to my bifocals after a difficult first week and a grumbly second week. I got the old kind with the line, not the progressives.

  2. OK, now Miria, that’s an interesting decision. Why did you do that? Did the binary nature of it appeal to you? “I need close, so I’ll use close. That’s below this line”?

  3. Even though I don’t need them as badly for my vision as you, when it came time for bifocals I went with the progressives because they could give me 3 zones. The middle is PERFECT for looking at computer screens. Don’t know how well that transitions to other prescription levels but it works well for me.

  4. Thanks. I’ll remember that, ‘seester.

    This is the trip. I know it is. I’ve perceived it coming gradually for a while, but this is the first time I’ve gone “yeah, it’s time.”

  5. Decision was made based on Jeff’s experience with them, the optometrist’s experience, price, and the fact that I’ve been either looking over or under my glasses for closeup work for more than a year. I’m near-sighted.

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