Feb 272013

Well, let’s see if hitting me in the pocketbook will motivate me to lose significant weight.

I won’t get into specifics, but the upshot is that I have to complete a lot of activities this year to avoid paying a surcharge on my medical insurance premiums next year. (The activities tend to be things that burn a lot of calories.)

This appeals to my competitive nature. It appeals to my business sense. Can I fan those flames enough to drop a waist size or two? Stay tuned.

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  4 Responses to “Fat people pay more, so don’t be one”

  1. I bet if you promised Terri a percentage of your savings, she could beat your ass into submission.

  2. HA! Indeed. ‘Course, getting her to drag us around the woods with her would accomplish that too. Spring isn’t far.

  3. Jeff and I bought Fitbits. 5 points for 5,000 steps, 10 points for 10,000 steps. If you get one, let me know, and I’ll invite you to our fitness group.

    We also got the company health check, and I got gypped. I’m taking 75 mg of Toprol, I have problems with low blood pressure, there is no way my blood pressure was 160/90 that day. To top things off, the “nurse” tilted the dial where I couldn’t read it for the second measurement. Jeff teased me about drawing the Virginia College grad. I had another doctor’s appointment later that day, and my blood pressure was 118/72. That’s more like it. **grumble, grumble**

  4. Fitbug here! Started using it last week.

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