Feb 052013

One of the first things you learn in sales is that after your prospect has agreed to your terms, stop talking.

(Or: after the close, shut up.)

You can only hurt yourself if you keep running your mouth. You may put an objection in your customer’s head that hadn’t occurred to him. Nod, smile, and write.

I encountered this principle last night with Nathan. I had approved a video game, and after I did, he went on and on about how it really wasn’t that violent, and there is only one alcohol reference, and blah blah blah.



“I’ve agreed. You’ve won. Be quiet now.”

He looked confused, like he was in trouble.

So I got to explain “after the close, shut up.”

Then it occurred to me that it might have been parentally advantageous to let Nathan be bad at that for a while longer. Heh.

But oh well.

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