Jan 312013
  • It was 72 degrees the day before yesterday.  It’s going to be 25 tonight.  The wind in between was certainly memorable.  The Technical Writing Express is tall.
  • Well, how about that?  Looks like Windows 8 on both my desktop and netbook now.  The deadline on the $39.99 offer successfully goaded me.  I’m trying to wait out a Surface RT price drop now.
  • The Windows Phone 7.8 update for the Nokia Lumia 900 began rolling out yesterday.  I haven’t seen it yet.  Want.
  • There are no directions on the package for deep-frying pizza rolls, so here you go:  Three to four minutes at 375 degrees.  They crisp up awesomely.
  • The Upward season is half over.  I’m having such a good time.  I get to do this one more year with both boys, and then two after that with just Aaron.
  • Stan “The Man” Musial, a shoo-in for finest St. Louis Cardinal ever, has died at 92.  RIP.
  • New Gears of War game in March.  New BioShock game a week later.  That’s an embarrassment of riches, indeed.

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