Jan 242013
  • “They” are saying more freezing rain is a distinct possibility tonight.  We’ve got a solid 45 more days, and a squishy 60 more, to get a decent snow in.  Here’s hoping.
  • Lea, the boys, and I took in The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey with BamaDan and his crew on Monday.  I expected to find it at least somewhat bloated, and was surprised that I didn’t.  I dug it.  Looking forward to the next one.
  • I am becoming a large Charlie Strong fan, and thus a Louisville fan by extension.  I may even buy a hat, which is saying something, because I’ve never liked the Louisville logo.  It has teeth.  Cardinals don’t have teeth.  I’ll have to find a sharp one that doesn’t have the bird on it.
  • Some guys are suing Subway because they’ve consistently measured their “foot-long” subs as 11 inches.  I can’t decide whether they’re geniuses or malcontents, though I’m leaning toward the latter.  Sheesh, I think you can probably even squish one more inch out of a sandwich, can’t you?
  • I don’t think disliking Jim Croce makes you a terrible person, though I suspect it enhances your chances of such.  Same thing with driving a Mustang GT and being an asshole.
  • I’ve been iTunes-free for a very long time now.  When did the original iPod Mini come out?  A quick Bing tells me early 2004.  So it’s probably been 2007 at the very latest since I messed with it.  I really dig the way Amazon.com handles music purchases.
  • Just started Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.  I got it for Lea for Christmas after it came recommended in a sermon at church several months ago.  I’m looking forward to getting into it.

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  5 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #220”

  1. I’d much rather have snow than ice. However, we’re long overdue for an ice event.

    Not all Mustang GT owners/drivers are assholes…Hubby drives one and we’ve owned several Mustang GTs. Sorry that you’ve had an unpleasant encounter with such person.

  2. AZ, no, of course they aren’t! I know several fine folks with Mustang GTs.

  3. We went to Big Ed’s Pizzeria last night, and I thought of you. Jeff and I were trying to remember what it used to be. A bar, obviously, but we couldn’t dredge up the name.

  4. No birds with teeth and nothing with “The ‘Ville” on it either.

  5. Miria, Big Ed’s is right there just south of University and the Parkway, right? Yeah, you’re right – that did used to be a bar. It was a bar at which I threw up all over my brand new pair of Sebagos in the parking lot. 🙂 Was it Spring City Cafe? That sounds right.

    BamaDan, no worries. I can’t stand that crap. One of the sites has been trying to foist “‘Zona” on us for years.

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