Jan 102013
  • 15.  We’re coming for #16 next year.  Consider notice served.  Don’t like it?  Come get us.  Roll Tide.
  • I encountered the word majuscule this week.  That’s the opposite of minuscule.  Isn’t it glorious?  Majuscule and minuscule are the 50-cent words for uppercase and lowercase, respectively, as applied to letters.  Minuscule has broken out to have a larger meaning in more contexts.  Majuscule has not enjoyed similar success.
  • Added a can of diced tomatoes to the dirty rice tonight.  I liked it, but no one else did, so it’s unlikely to be repeated.
  • I’m getting excited about going to Gulf Shores soon.  You know, we drove to Disney World, and I made a big deal about it being twice as far as the beach, so the boys are excited about showing me that that drive is nothing.
  • You think the boys can watch The Fugitive?  I’m thinking they can.  I’m thinking we’re doing that soon.
  • Incidentally, Sela Ward is one of the most spectacularly beautiful women of all-time.
  • Women who drink red wine have better sex lives.

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