Jan 052013

Extended Christmas break means enjoying many fine traditions, such as watching The Price Is Right several times with my boys.

Pretty much only college students and old people watch The Price Is Right, and college students don’t have any money.  So almost all of the commercials are for life insurance, motorized wheelchairs, products associated in some way with the large intestine, and so forth.  (The one about the catheter exchange program seems to have been deep-sixed since the last time I paid sustained attention.  Good riddance.)

The Hoveround people have inserted footage of some goofball singing a made-up song in his living room into their latest commercial:

Want five minutes of just the money part?

“Where will it send me?”  Sounds like you’re not driving, doesn’t it?

I started to ask “why in the world would this company think this would be an effective ad campaign?”  Then I considered the absurdity of asking such right after I posted about it and passed it along.

Hope you’re going where you want to go, wheeled or not, this weekend.

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