Nov 292012
  • I’m getting weary of conference “realignment.”  Aren’t there teams now that move and then don’t even stay a year?  I’m confident I’d be 100% accurate naming the members of the Southeastern, Pac-12, and Big Ten conferences.  I’d get pretty close on the ACC and Big 12.  I don’t think I could get even half of any other conference right.
  • I just love it when I leave my email client running at home and can’t get email all day.  Yeah, yeah, “leave on server” or IMAP, but old habits die hard.
  • Tried Mangos, a Caribbean restaurant, with Saintseester yesterday.  My oxtail was delicious.  I’m trying a curry next time.
  • Yet another instance of me turning into the guy I used to make fun of:  I noticed when I pulled in the driveway tonight that Lea’s van has a clean spot where I wiped the dirt off to put the new license plate decal on.  Sigh.
  • The near future will applaud restraint when it comes to the current rampant trend of slapping white LEDs all over the front ends of cars.  Most of them are somewhere between gratuitous and ridiculous.  Nearly all of them look forced.  The only home run is BMW’s “angel eyes,” which are quite sharp.
  • Movies on I want to see.  Theaters are generally proximate to retail.  So, might not happen, unless any of them are still on by the second week of January.
  • I expect a quick Alabama lead; then some Georgia recovery; and finally the Tide consistently winning up front in a low-scoring second half to put it away.  Alabama 31, Georgia 16.

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  3 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #213”

  1. Tulane to the Big East! (I have no idea what that means)

  2. Love it that our work email is hosted by Google now. No need for an email client. Haven’t missed Outlook for a second.

    Hope your score prediction is right – I’ll be there to see it in person. If we make it past UGA, I like our chances against ND with Saban having 5 weeks to prepare. RTR

  3. Hey – let’s do lunch next week!

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