Nov 132012

It will surprise no one who knows me even a little bit that I am disgusted and sickened by the results of the U.S. presidential election.

There are many Obama voters who don’t bother me. However, some folks of my personal acquaintance—people I know to be intelligent and hard-working—are also Obama supporters, and I am considerably more troubled by them. If that’s you, then in my view, one or more of the following assertions must be true of you:

You are susceptible to arguments of class envy. Skillfully delivered appeals to emotion have convinced you that wealth tends to be ill-gotten, whether by exploitation of the working class, cheating the tax code, or both.

You believe government can solve societal problems like poverty with massive federal outlays, even when decades of effort and trillions of dollars spent demonstrate otherwise.

You believe the United States should pay her enemies to love her, rather than engaging (when necessary) in quick, inexpensive lessons in why they should fear her.

You find the United States just another country in the world, no better or worse than any number of others, rather than the greatest society humanity has yet devised for itself.

Invariably, the election has brought a chorus of calls from jubilant liberals and “moderates” who pretend they aren’t liberals for new understanding and common ground from which all can work for bipartisan solutions. Such calls are ludicrous for two reasons. First, no Democrat in a position of leadership has demonstrated willingness to be anything but spiteful and mean-spirited toward the other side of the aisle during the first Obama term (starting at the top). And second, you walk around believing fairy tales, and whatever else fairy tales are, they are unsuitable bases for federal policy.

Obama has been a rotten president, and very bad for the country. He will be a rotten president, and very bad for the country, in a second term.

I hope the coming mess is enough to unambiguously snag him and his awful policies, while still leaving a salvageable America for my children.

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  6 Responses to “My pint of piss on the election”

  1. We survived the 8-year-long frat party known as the Clinton administration; I suppose we’ll survive this. The real question is: how long & hard will the cleanup be?

  2. I’m glad you said it. I still can’t string together a coherent bunch of sentences on the subject.

  3. The ones that rile me now are the people who think that the companies laying off people are doing it just to be mean. The employers are adjusting for the fact that Obamacare will not be repealed any time soon, and it’s gonna hurt. I’m afraid to see whether my doctors are staying open or have said now is a good time to retire.

    Those same people who declare that health care is a right don’t think about the other end of the equation.

  4. Amen amen I say to you! It’s a different world nowadays. Congratulations to the liberals who are going to kill this country. I hope they are satisfied. Everyone wants free stuff and the ones who voted on social issues alone? Well, I don’t even know what to say to that. For me, as a conservative and woman, it was all about the economy.

  5. Marianne, I hope you’re right. Bill Clinton was vulgar, but he wasn’t actively destructive as I fear this man is.

    Kelly, I’m not sure how coherent it was, but there it is. Thanks.

    Miria, Carol, exactly. I wonder what it’s going to take for any of The One’s fawning sycophants to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, his policies have something to do with the condition of the economy?

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