Oct 032012
  • Doesn’t it seem some conference or another is apologizing for a call every week now?  This is another consequence of college football instant replay.  It was a better game, and no less accurate, without it.  I’m ready to jettison it.  Yes, I know such is a fantasy.
  • Did you know that Brownsville in “Delta Dawn” isn’t in Texas?  It’s Brownsville, Tennessee.
  • Lows in the 30s next week.  Digging it.
  • LSU at Florida, and Georgia at South Carolina, this weekend.  Ought to start becoming clearer which team Alabama will pound.
  • Daily, I’ve been doing well with 1,000 calories consumed headed into dinner.  Now I think I’m in position to make that number 850 or 900.
  • Almonds are a superfood, by the way.  If you can stop yourself at 20-25 nuts daily, they’ll be a significant contributor to your overall health.
  • I don’t necessarily want to walk in front of your car.  I mostly want the encounter resolved quickly.  If that happens because you accelerate through and go on, then so be it.  Just be about it.

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