Oct 312012

I especially like the people asking, specifically:  “should President Obama postpone Election Day?”  Those are folks who are really, really comfortable with the tremendous level of unconstitutional power President Obama has seized, and the question makes me shudder for the future of our country.  Does the phrase “checks and balances” even occur in the average eighth-grade civics class anymore?

We voted during the Civil War.  We’re going to vote through this, breathless statist laments notwithstanding.

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  4 Responses to “No, Election Day will not be postponed because of Hurricane Sandy”

  1. Oh, but the wailing and gnashing of teeth that will occur if Obama loses…particularly if any of the supposed “blue” states go to Romney (PA is supposedly “leaning” blue…not totally in the bag, and VA is considered a toss-up…AND Ohio is touted as a “key” swing state). I can just hear the lamenting that only the “advantaged” people could get to polling places…that the “disenfranchised” were crippled by the storm.
    Hear me now, believe me later…

  2. Marianne, there will be some level of bullshit anyway. The Republicans disenfranchised voters. The voting machine manufacturers are bought and paid for by the GOP. The Republicans are RAAAAAAACIST.

    The only hope for it not happening is a larger-than-expected Romney victory—like 330-208 or something.

    Wow, that sounds good.

  3. I voted absentee today. It was crowded. I’m really hoping for the Chick-Fil-A kind of turnout.

  4. Me too, Miria!

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