Oct 222012

I had a great time live-blogging all four debates on Twitter.

I’m also glad they’re over.

Mitt Romney won solidly tonight.  He got it that the point was to demonstrate “presidentiality,” not to score cheap (perceived) points.  I think President Obama was still firmly in that place, and consequently looked snippy (and maybe even petulant) more than once.

That said, Romney landed several sharp shots, but he didn’t maximize his opportunities.  His closing statement (and going second is a significant advantage) could have been stronger.  He still left a lot on the table on Libya.  Nevertheless, I don’t see a lot of sway in the electorate here.  Obama’s hemorrhaging independents, and he won’t stop with this performance tonight.

It’s only two weeks from tomorrow, kids.  Remember, Republicans vote on Tuesday, and Democrats vote on Wednesday.

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  2 Responses to “Farewell, 2012 debates”

  1. One advantage that Obama had was his likeability numbers, and I think he pretty well trashed that with the last debate. I also couldn’t believe our President was talking about nation-building at home, like we’re a Third World country that needs soldiers on the streets.

  2. Wasn’t very deftly introduced, either. It was clearly something he had in reserve to play.

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