Aug 252012

Dublin Park was busy today.  Both boys had games. A bit before Nathan’s game started, we shared our field with this guy:

He did this every two minutes for at least half an hour, and maybe much longer depending on how much he did it before we got there.  He seemed to be in charge of a group of perhaps two dozen adolescent boys, who were running back and forth on the park grounds.

Now best I can tell, the only purpose of this highly disruptive activity was to communicate two-minute intervals to his runners.  So, basically, he’s chosen to be an inconsiderate jackass instead of require his kids to have stopwatches.  He’s standing at the south end of Dublin 4, so he’s pretty much right in the middle of the park.  He can be easily heard on all of the soccer fields, and he’s very loud on three of them.  (Did I mention this horn sounded every two minutes?  Isn’t he modeling wonderful behavior for the boys in his charge?)

BamaDan texted me from another field and (jokingly?) suggested a shallow grave.  That’s a bit much, but I’ll gladly get a blog post out of him.  Congratulations, air horn guy!  You’re immortalized!

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  3 Responses to “Man blows air horn 15 times solely for his own purpose in fully occupied Dublin Park”

  1. I had an idea. Why don’t we get our own air-horns and blow them sporadically so that it totally messes up his two minute system. Not that I’m passive-aggressive…

  2. Lea – I like the way you think….Exactly the kind of thing I would do!

  3. Y’all make me want to take one next time. 🙂

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