Jun 222012

Publix had some pretty habanero chilis recently.  They were $5.49/lb., which makes them about a nickel apiece.  I picked up a few.

As much and as long as I’ve enjoyed spicy foods, I’ve not ever handled any fresh super-hot peppers, and at 100,000 – 350,000 Scoville units the habanero qualifies.

I had a good time.  I wanted to eat some of it raw, but I wasn’t sure I could do a whole one.  So, I cut half of one, chewed it up, and swallowed it.

Now that’s a pretty good ride!  I love the stronger habanero sauces like Marie Sharp’s, and the fruity blast of the raw pepper coupled with the strong heat made for a visceral shot.  Interestingly, the heat in my mouth and throat was intense, but short-lived.  Most of the “wow!” came from my forehead being on fire for ten minutes or so.  I finely chopped the rest of the pepper and added it to my sweet and sour chicken.  It was delicious.

It was in that fine chopping that the unexpectedly more interesting part of the experience began.

Recall I said this was my first time handling raw, super-hot peppers.  Well, guess what?  You should wear gloves when you do so.  If you don’t, then the juice gets on your fingers and stays there.  And it’s hot.  It survives even vigorous hand-washing because it’s not water-soluble.  I read something about vegetable oil, so I tried that.  Didn’t work.  Tried isopropanol.  Nope.  I may have just waited too long, and now it has to wear off.

Taking my contacts out last night was quite the adventure, as was trying to put them in this morning.  (It’s a glasses day—my first in months.)

(And the less said about my first post-habanero-chopping trip to pee, the better.)

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Jun 212012
  • Lea’s had a particularly nasty respiratory bug this week—nasty enough that I was thinking that if she didn’t feel a little better this morning she needed to go back to the doctor.  (Fortunately, she’s improved some.)  If something starts going on in your chest, take your temperature and pay attention.
  • I am who wants a Microsoft Surface tablet.  If I like the keyboard, I’ll get one.
  • Speaking of Windows in portable electronics, I don’t mind typing on the on-screen keyboard on my Windows Phone nearly as much as I have a lot of other ones, mainly because it anticipates so well.  Good logic there, folks.  Thank you.
  • Had to have a torsion spring on the garage door replaced yesterday, which wasn’t easy with the Technical Writing Express in the garage.  I thought there was about a 75% chance the guy would scratch the car, and he did.  I can’t even say it really upset me, though; it was just what happened next.  It’s liberating to have a car you really do think of almost completely as an appliance.
  • When I was 18 or 19, a big group of us often went bowling and then to the Dairy Queen on Max Luther.  More than once, I can remember eating two foot-long chili and slaw dogs and a banana split, then being in bed an hour to an hour and a half later.  That would make me miserable for 12 hours if I tried it now.
  • Yeah, the garden hose water you drank probably a hundred times as a kid is going to kill you.  Remember that taste it would have after sitting in the sun all day?  I’m guessing that’s what the stuff that’s gonna getcha tastes like.
  • Do you know who David Rufkahr is?  No?  How about Frank Bartles?  Still having trouble?  Click here.  Sadly, he died in 1996 at the age of 61.  RIP, and thank you for your support.
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Jun 202012

It looks likely that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will face a contempt of Congress vote today.

That’s not a small deal.  I also have to think that if Holder were merely protecting himself, he’d have been ordered onto his sword long ago.

It therefore seems reasonable to hope that he’s been protecting our esteemed president.  That there would be something to find would be entirely consistent with how Obama has habitually operated.  Think about it:  Under the thin veneer of supposed rhetorical prowess, Obama’s been a dangerous combination of thuggishness and naïveté, all the while avoiding any serious oversight of his activities.  That could be a capsule description of any period of the man’s adult life.

Therefore, if there is something to uncover that directly connects Obama with Fast & Furious, it could well be heinously distasteful, because it would be the product of a man and his inner circle who have always operated with essential impunity.

That’s a point I’ve not seen made.  So there it is.

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Jun 182012

I had a colleague at an old job who got divorced right as online dating was really taking off.  He dug it.  He wasn’t looking for love so much as he was looking for it, and if what he told me was even half true, he did just fine.

Do I remember that there’s a service especially for cheaters?  Yes, because I remember the stink about their Super Bowl commercials being refused.  Didn’t take much Binging to determine I was thinking of AshleyMadison.com.  Hmmm.  Maybe it’s a good night for a little sociocultural research.

Now Lea knows I’m not going to cheat on her, but it still seemed prudent to avoid the possibility of her accidentally looking over my shoulder without explaining my motivations first.  So after I did that, I created an account (mostly telling the demographic truth about myself to get an accurate feel, but I deleted myself, so don’t go looking for me) and looked around for 20 minutes or so.

Welcome to the online wonderland of systematic infidelity!

Perhaps a third of the listings I saw were overtly sexual.  Interestingly, probably a third of those were single women looking for married men.  That’s an extra-depressing bit in an already depressing world.

I guess most of the rest were what I expected—wives looking for boyfriends.  Some of their listings offered some possible insight into what was missing in their marriages.

Now AshleyMadison.com’s take on this whole thing is that they’re not encouraging cheating any more than the omnipresence of glassware encourages alcoholism.  Cheaters gonna cheat whether they’re there or not, they say.

I think that’s true, but somewhat trivially so.  I don’t think the analogy is very good.  There is definitely a powerful sense of community about the whole thing.  “We’re in this together”/”We both have something to lose” was evident in several listings, and I think there’s a legitimizing factor there that’s hard to quantify, yet still undeniable.

I sure do wish it was as cool to try to save your marriage as it is to have an affair.

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Jun 172012

Back from Gulf Shores today.  Hated to inadvertently encourage the morons in Montgomery with an in-season trip down there, but our plans predated their dumbassery.  Except for the drive down, which included a good 90 minutes of the most torrential rain I’ve ever seen, the weather was fantastic.

Had a blast.  Glad to be home.

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