Jun 282012

The Supreme Court mostly upheld Obamacare this morning, and that’s as deep as I’m going to get into that latticework in this post.  If you want to read the ruling or in-depth analysis, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding such.

I’m also not going to go back over the ignorance, misinformation, and stupidity that has led some significant portion of our populace to believe this is a good thing.  Others will do so effectively today, and maybe I’ll get back into that game in a day or three.

No, I am instead doing my best to bring good cheer today.  Here are a few thoughts that have perked me up a bit:

  • Barack Obama is a graceless and unrestrained winner.  History indicates that victory tends to highlight some rather undesirable traits in his personality, and we can certainly count on that with a perceived victory on his signature issue.  He’s an eminently reliable jackass.
  • Obamacare is unpopular.  Most of us don’t want it.  That means most of us don’t view today as a win.  Obama will quickly have trouble squaring his jubilation with that fact, and given his demonstrated political ineptitude, that should pay dividends.
  • Tax.  Tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax.  Tax.  Tax.  Counting the number of times that comes out of Mitt Romney’s mouth, and the number of times Obama talks around it, shall make fabulous political theater.  He can’t avoid it, you know.  He is celebrating today because of the word tax.  In that context, enjoy this video from 2009.

Now today is not a good day, and spinning it to the contrary is ridiculous.

Fortunately, there are 131 more of them before Election Day.

Take today off and pout, if you must.  I’m doing that.  I’m not talking about this anywhere except right here.

Tomorrow, it’s blitzkrieg.  Let this galvanize us.  Let this underscore what’s at stake.  We must repeal Obamacare, and to do that we must defeat Barack Obama.

Marshal your strength.  Open your checkbook.  Make the case.

Make it 2010.

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  11 Responses to “Obamacare upheld”

  1. That was my first thought – who can I help get elected ?

  2. Elections have consequences. Obamacare serves as a painful object lesson in that regard. But maybe this ruling will serve as the catalyst that completely invigorates conservatives. It’s time to serve up our own object lesson on the consequences of elections.

  3. Ugh.

  4. I’ve sent a few bucks to quite a few candidates to help ’em win. If the only way we can save what’s left of the country is to vote out anyone who voted FOR this mess in the first place, then so be it. This is war.

    Now: are we going to have to do it ALL ourselves or is the RNC going to grow a set and start running ads and fighting with the damn gloves off? There’s my question to you.

  5. Kelly, I doubt it’s reasonable to think the RNC will ever fight with the gloves off, but if they will for anything, they will for this. We’ll see.

    All, we’re going to have to be methodical and relentless.

  6. WXchick: anything that suggests this is appropriate or sustainable is a crock of shit. The drivel at your link qualifies. Sorry.

  7. “We can agree that healthcare is a basic human right for all Americans. We can agree that in a country as advanced and as rich and as exceptional as ours, that it is immoral and unethical and goddamned unAmerican to allow forty million of our fellow citizens to go without.

    Or Not.

    Those are the choices.”

    I utterly reject these terms, and consider anyone advocating their legitimacy a fallacious moron.

  8. Said fallacy being that of the excluded middle, aka the false dilemma.

    The entire, years-long run-up to this moment has been absolutely full of it.

    “Adopt my plan, or watch civilization die.”

  9. I suppose I’m still wondering who out there can’t get “healthcare.” Now, insurance, that’s a different story. Health insurance is NOT a right. Want to read some “real” numbers? Check the Weekly Standard from 2010: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/real-number-uninsured_525775.html

    And this is from the CENSUS (and is not spin): “The Census states (in Table 9 of the CPS ASEC report) that approximately 11 million of those who are uninsured live in households that make over $75,000” There is insurance out there that is affordable. You have to look. My son had to buy health insurance when he went to grad school (Vandy required it) and he was able to get it and it was not expensive. It was very basic but was sufficient.

    I know a couple, both in their early 30s (with one child around age 5) – they are both self-employed and do not have health insurance, by choice. They use the CHIP program (I think that’s it) for their daughter. They don’t have insurance because they choose not to. They’re young, healthy, and have decided not to buy it at the present time. I talked with her recently about this and she’s pissed. She’s also somewhat more to the center politically than I am. She doesn’t really follow politics much and is generally not interested in the whole thing. I asked her what she would do if SCOTUS upheld this monstrosity and she was going to be forced to buy insurance. “The first thing I’m going to do is make a donation to the Romney campaign.” Hoo-rah! I hope there’s more like her out there. Lots, lots more.

    And if the gub-ment can make us buy something we don’t want, what can’t they make us do? How about forcing us to support, say, some other gub-ment program? Or how about homeowners insurance? Not everyone has it. Renters generally don’t buy renters’ insurance. Why not force everyone to buy homeowners/renters insurance? It’s only fair. I don’t want to have to support you with my tax dollars via FEMA or whatever if you lose your home in a catastrophe. And just becuase you rent doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to chip in too. Oh no, that just wouldn’t be fair.

    What about college students? It’s not fair that some can pay cash for tuition and others have to use loans and grants. Let’s make all incoming freshmen take out some amount of student loan – government-funded student loans. I think that would be a most excellent idea.

    It’s a dangerous precendent (did I spell that right??) that has been set. All I can do is hope the Reps gain control of House/Senate/Pres.

  10. We’ve reached a point at which too many voters have never been taught that a government should fear its people, not vice versa. They eagerly submit to subjugation because they don’t see it as such.

    I am losing hope that the slide is reversible.

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