May 242012
  • Nathan says goodbye to fourth grade today.  He hasn’t made a B yet.  Aaron ” ” ” second ” “. ” ” ” ” ” “.  We are very proud.
  • Indy this weekend!  Weather looks great.  Tony Kanaan starts eighth.
  • The boys are enjoying Stratego.  I have stressed to them the importance of not losing any of the pieces.
  • A colleague tells of a time when you could go to the Birmingham Zoo and purchase marshmallows to feed the polar bears.  He says they would stand up on their hind legs and motion for you to toss them to them.  Imagining this spectacle has been one of my best laughs of 2012.  That’s just so wrong.
  • Nathan knew “stench” meant smell, but he didn’t know it meant bad smell.  So it was pretty funny to overhear him telling his mother that breakfast was making “quite a stench!”
  • I’m almost out of new tastes in my hot sauce order.  There’s some unopened Sudden Death in there, but I’ve tasted Blair’s sauces on either side of it in the progression, so I’m not expecting any revelations.  Soon it’ll be back for more.  I’m doing two bottles of Mad Anthony’s XXXTRA HOT Private Reserve, and I’m doing the Heartbreaking Dawns three-pack again.  I’m also going to select a sauce of at least 1,000,000 Scoville units.  I think at that point I’m going to call myself done, as far as heat goes.  I enjoyed the Blair’s Mega Death, but at 550,000 Scoville units it’s the first one that’s genuinely tested me, if only for a few minutes.
  • To someone who needs to hear it:  I’m a good and discreet “girlfriend.”  Please relax and talk to me.

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